Saint Veronica 1

Saint Veronica

Veronica was a disciple of Jesus. She was born in the first century after Christ and died in Israel around the year 70. Her name actually means ‘the one who brings victory’. In this particular case it means ‘the true image’ from the Latin ‘vera icon’.

There are several versions of the story surrounding the scarf of Veronica.

The original legend says that Veronica told the messenger of the sick Emperor Tiberius that in order to always have an image of Jesus Christ with her, she asked him for an image. She had a cloth with her, handed it to him and received it back with his face pressed in.

Veronica went with the messenger to Rome, where the cloth showed its healing power: Tiberius, who had a wasps’ nest in his head, became healthy.

Saint Veronica

Saint Veronika in Saint Peter’s Basilica (Rome)