10 Places to Visit in Rome 1

10 Places to Visit in Rome

Have you asked yourself what to do in Rome? Is there more to explore than the Colosseum and the Vatican? Well yes, there is!
Here you will find 10 places to visit in Rome to help you out!

Musei Capitolini

Pope Sixtus IV laid the foundation stone for the world’s first museum collection when he donated a collection of antique statues to the city in 1471. In 1566 Pope Pius V extended the collection. In 1734 Pope Clemens XII declared Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo die Conservatori a public museum.

One of the most important pieces is the ancient equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which was mistaken for a representation of Constantine.

The remains of the Jupiter Temple, the Capitoline Wolf, the Capitoline Venus, the Dying Gaul, Berninis Medusa and Caravaggios John the Baptist are also outstanding.

Musei Capitolini