5 don’ts in Rome

Here you will find a few things you should keep in mind to avoid being impolite in Rome together with some bonus information.

While some are recomendations to avoid blunders others are punished by law.

The unwritten coffee rules

Do not order a cappuccino after 11:00. The Cappuccino is only for breakfast and is considered bad for the digestion of heavier meals.

Drink you coffee at the bar. That is the way the locals do it and it’s cheaper because if you sit on a table, you have to pay for the service.

A coffee equals here to an espresso and is usually a strong one. If you prefer a softer coffee try an “caffè lungo” and if you want a stronger one then try an “ristretto”.

The don’ts in a restaurant

Do not drink vine with a pizza. Instead drink a beer, water or an other non alcoholic beverage.

Do not ask for Tabasco or ketchup. If you want your food more spicy then ask for some peperoncino.

Do not eat dinner with a group of 13 persons, that is in reference to the “Last Supper” very bad luck.

If you are drinking from plastic cups, do not let them touch eachother while cheering. Instead let the backside of the hands touch.

Do not think the churches are museums

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They might seem and look like museums but they are definetly not. Therefore please do not disturb liturgical events and avoid visiting the churches during mass.

Remember to keep your shoulders, back, knees covered and your phones on mute.

Do not vandalize the cultural heritage

This might seem obvious to most of us but even small actions may cause heavy damage.

While you may take pictures of almost every place, never forget to turn off the flash.

Do not touch the fountains or the water and only throw coins into the Fontana di Trevi. Turn your back to the fountain and throw the coins with your right hand over your left shoulder. This way the coins pass close to your heart and will ensure your return to Rome.

Do not engrave your name or break pieces of the monuments.

The use of drones inside the city is forbidden.

Do not be afraid to talk with the locals

The Romans are kind and open for conversations. If you need help or advise, they will happily assist you.

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