Saint Paul 1

Saint Paul

Paul was born in Tarsus 5 A.D. as the son of a wealthy Pharisee. From his father he inherits Roman citizenship and goes to Jerusalem for his theological education.

Gamaliel, a fanatical persecutor of Christians who in 35/36 has Stephen, arch martyr and archdeacon, stoned, becomes his teacher. During the stoning Saul guarded the clothes of the stoners so that they would not be defiled.

When Saul, with the order to persecute Christians, comes close to Damascus, the resurrected Christ appears to him. The apparition is so overwhelming that Saul falls from his horse and goes blind. In a daydream Ananias is given the order to search for “Saul of Tarsus”. He heals Saul and baptises him in the name of Paul (Greek for Saul).

Heilige Paul

Saint Paul in Santa Maria in Traspontina (Rome)