Saint John the Evangelist 1

Saint John the Evangelist

The evangelist John is the main author of the Gospel of John. He was born around 15 AD in Bethsaida and died around 100 AD in Ephesus.

He was the son of Zebedee and Salome and brother of Jacobo the Elder. He was a fisherman and apparently had a rather energetic character. This earned him the surname of “Thunder Son” from Jesus.

He was called to be the fourth disciple of Jesus. Jesus counted him, as well as his brother James and Andrew, among the pillars of the early church. According to the testimony of the gospel of John, he was the only disciple under the cross where Jesus called him his favorite disciple.

The dying man entrusted his mother to him. He was also the first of the disciples to witness the empty tomb, and on Easter morning he also recognized the resurrected Christ first when he appeared at the Sea of Genezareth.

It remains unclear whether the son of Zebedee – John – and the favorite disciple – John – really were one and the same person. Apart from the fact that the names are the same, there are no compelling indications of this in John’s Gospel.

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