Saint Benedict 1

Saint Benedict

He was born in Norcia in 480 with his twin sister, Saint Scholastica. He was sent at an early age, with his nurse, to Rome for training, where he also studied.

Saint Gregory I handed down a large part of the legends of Saint Benedict.

He left the city life and retreated to the Sabine Mountains and then, as a hermit, lived for three years in a cave in the Aniotal. The cave was later given the name “Holy Grotto”. The monk Romanus supplied Benedict daily with bread, which was lowered on a rope. The bell that gave the sign was destroyed by the devil with a stone throw.

Evil led him into temptation, in the form of a raven and a virgin. He could resist, however, by rolling in thorns.

Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict and his sister Saint Scholastica flanking the Assumption of Mary in San Paolo Fuori le Mura (Rome)