Saint Francis Xavier 1

Saint Francis Xavier

Franz Xaver was born on 07 Apr 1506 in Castillo de Javier near Sangüesa in Spain. He died on 03 December 1552 on the island Shangchuan Dao near Kanton in China.

His life in Europe was marked by the Reformation, which started with Martin Luther. After the church had to face much criticism, it reacted with the Council of Trento. This triggered an inner renewal of the church. The newly founded Jesuit Order supported this inner reform movement.

Franz Xaver and Peter Faber were among the first to join Ignatius of Loyola in 1533. They later were among the founders of the Jesuit Order.

In 1537 Francis was ordained priest in Venice. Pope Paul III asked in the same year for missionaries for the possessions in East India. Francis Xavier then set off for India in 1541, after being appointed Apostolic Nuritus of Asia.

Saint Francis Xavier

Altar of Saint Francis Xavier in Il Gesù (Rome)