Saint Sylvester 1

Saint Sylvester

Saint Sylvester was traditionally said to be the son of Justa and Rufinus. He was born in Rome around the year 285 AD and died there on 31 December 355.

He was ordained a priest before the beginning of the persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian. Due to the persecutions and the leprosy rampant in Rome, he temporarily withdrew into a cave on Monte Soratte. On the summit of this mountain he built a church, which grew into a monastery dedicated to him.

His duties as Roman bishop began 314. A year earlier, the Roman emperors Constantine the Great and Licinius had recognized the Christian Church and, in the Edict of Milan, granted every citizen of the empire the right to freely practice their religion.

Saint Sylvester

Saint Sylvester in the Scala Santa (Rome)