Palazzo Massimo 1

Palazzo Massimo

The Palazzo Massimo is home to the Museo Nazionale Romano. The museum was founded in 1889 and exhibits works of art from the late Roman Republic and the early Imperial period. The collection is one of the leading ones in the field of ancient art.

In the safe of the museum there is an excellent exhibition of antique coins, which King Vittorio Emmanuelle III bequeathed to the Italian people. However, only a fraction of the more than 110,000 coins is on display. There, one also finds the only mummified child of Rome.

Roman statues and graves are exhibited on the ground floor.

On the first floor there are sculptures from the possession of Emperor Nero and ancient Roman copies of Greek originals.

On the second floor there are ancient mosaics and murals.

Palazzo Massimo

Palazzo Massimo (Rome)