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Palazzo Braschi

Palazzo Braschi is a magnificent palace in the heart of Rome, Italy. It was built in the 18th century and houses an extensive collection of art and artifacts that showcase the city’s rich history and culture. Whether you are a history or art lover, a visit to Palazzo Braschi is a must. In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to plan your visit and make the most of your time at this stunning attraction.

It is the last papal family palace built, since already in 1692 Pope Innocent XII, with the papal bull “Romanun decet Pontificem”, put a definitive end to the debauched and costly nepotism of the popes until then. Pope Pius VI, however, was the only pope who did not comply with this regulation and made his nephew Luigi Braschi Onesti duke. The lavish lifestyle of the family at the expense of the treasury attracted the hatred of the Romans. The previous building built by Giuliano da Sangallo on behalf of the Orsini family was completely demolished.

With the help of his uncle, they acquired the land in 1790 and began the construction of the building. The noble Braschi family was one of the most important families in Rome at that time. The palace was designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli and is considered one of the finest examples of neoclassical architecture in the city. The building features a magnificent entrance hall, grand staircases and beautifully decorated rooms with frescoes and stucco work.

Over the years, Palazzo Braschi has been used for various purposes, including as the residence of the Braschi family and as the seat of the Ministry of the Interior during Mussolini’s reign. In 1952 it was acquired by the City of Rome and transformed into a museum of art and history.

Today it houses the municipal Museo di Roma, with a collection of art and objects of daily use from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, attracting visitors from all over the world. The museum’s permanent collection includes paintings, sculptures, furniture and decorative arts, with a focus on Roman art, culture and urban history. Visitors can also visit temporary exhibitions that feature works by Italian and international artists.

The museum offers an amazing view over Piazza Navona.

Palazzo Braschi

Palazzo Braschi Rome