Latin Phrases

Here you will find an comprehensive collection of latin phrases.


Ab imo pectore

With all my heart – Lucretius

Ab ovo

From the egg (the Leda) on / From the beginning – Horace

Ad absurdum

Prove something as nonsense

Aequis aequus

Right to the righteous – Emperor Leopold of Habsburg

Alea iacta est

The die has been cast – Gaius Julius Caesar

Aliquid stat pro aliquo

Something stands for something

Ama et fac quod vis!

Love and do what you want! – Augustine

Amantes amentes

Lovers are out of their minds – Terence

Amici, diem perdidi

Friends, I have lost a day – Emperor Titus Flavius

Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur

You can recognize a reliable friend in an uncertain situation – Cicero

Amor est pretiosior auro

Love is more precious than gold

An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?

Don’t you know, my son, how little sense the world is run with? – Cardinal Richelieu

Audaces fortuna adiuvat

Fortune favours the brave

Audemus jura nostra defendere

We dare to defend our rights

Audere est facere

To dare is to do it

Audi, vide, tace

Hear, see and be silent

Audiatur et altera pars

Listen to the other side

Aut Caesar aut nihil

Either Caesar or nothing – Cesare Borgia


Barba decet virum

The beard makes a man

Barbarus hic ergo sum, quia non intellegor ulli

A barbarian I am here, since I am understood by no one – Ovid

Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube

Wars may be fought by others, you, happy Austria, marry – Habsburger

Bene docet, qui bene distinguit

A good teacher is one who clearly explains the differences

Bis dat, qui cito dat

He who gives quickly gives twice – Publilius Syrus

Bis repetita non placent

Repetitions do not please – Horace

Bona fides

The Good Faith


Caritas omnia potest

Love can do everything

Caritas omnia tolerat

Love endures all

Carpe diem!

Seize the day! – Horace

Carpe Noctem!

Seize the night! – Horace


Legal basis

Causa finita

The case is closed

Cave canem!

Beware of the dog!

Ceterum censeo carthaginem esse delendam

By the way, I am of the opinion that Carthage must be destroyed – Senator Marcus Porcius Cato

Citius, altius, fortius

Faster, higher, stronger – Olympic Games

Cogito, ergo sum

I think, so I am – Descartes

Contraria contrariis curantur!

Opposite is healed with opposite! – Hippocrates

Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

The more corrupt the state, the more laws it has – Tacitus

Cui honorem, honorem

Honour to whom honour is due – Paul


De gustibus non est disputandum

You can’t argue about taste

De jure

By law/legally considered

De mortuis nihil nisi bene!

Only good things about the dead! – Diogenes

Deficiente pecu, deficit omne, nia

If the bag lacks cash, there’ s a shortage of everything.

Deus ex machina

The god from the machine – Plato

Diem perdidi!

I have lost a day – Emperor Titus

Dies ater

A black day – Marcus Verrius Flaccus

Dies diem docet

One day teaches the other – Publilius Syrus

Difficile est saturam non scribere

It is difficult not to write satire about it – Juvenal

Divide et impera!

Divide and rule!

Docendo discimus

Through teaching we learn

Dosis facit venenum

The dose makes the poison – Paracelsus

Dum differtur, vita transcurrit

While you put it off, life goes by

Dum excusare credis, accusas

While you think you’re apologizing, you accuse yourself – Jerome

Dum spiro spero

As long as I draw breath, I hope – Cicero

Duo quum faciunt idem, non est idem

When two people do the same thing, it’s not the same

Duobus certantibus tertius gaudet

When two quarrel, the third is rejoicing


Ecce homo!

Look at the man!

Effugere non potes necessitates, potes vincere!

You cannot avoid the compulsions, you can defeat them – Seneca

Eheu, fucaces labuntur anni!

Oh, how the years fly by! – Horace

Epistula non erubescit

The letter does not blush – Cicero

Ergo bibamus!

So let’s drink! – Pope Martin IV

Errare humanum est

To err is human – Cicero

Etiam tacere est respondere

Silence is also an answer

Ex iniuria ius non oritur

No right arises from injustice

Ex nihilo nihil fit

From nothing nothing can come

Exercitatio artem parat

Practice makes perfect

Experto credite

Take it from someone who’s tried it! – Virgil, Aeneid

Expressis verbis

With the exact words

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus

Outside the church no salvation – Catholic principle of law


Faber est suae quisque fortunae

Everyone is the maker of his own fortune – Appius Claudius Caecus

Facta, non verba

Actions, not words

Fama crescit eundo

The rumor grows as it spreads

Fames est optimus coquus

Hunger is the best cook

Fas est et ab hoste doceri

Learning from the enemy is also right – Ovid

Fata viam invenient

Fate finds its way – Virgil, Aeneid

Favete linguis!

Guard your tongues! – Horace

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

Happy those who succeeded in understanding the reason for things – Vergil

Fiat iustitia et pereat mundus

Let justice be done, even if the world perishes because of it – Emperor Ferdinand I

Fiat lux

Let there be light

Finis coronat opus

The end crowns the work – Ovid

Fortes fortuna adiuvat

Fortune helps the brave – Terenz


Greaca sunt non leguntur

Is it Greek, don’t read it

Gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo

The drop does not hollow the stone by force, but by constant falling – Ovid


Habent sua fata libell

Books have their fates – Terentianus Maurus

Hannibal ad portas

Hannibal in front of the gates

Homines sumus, non dei!

We are humans, not gods! – Petronius

Homo homini lupus est

Man is a wolf to man – Titus Maccius Plautus

Horas non numero nisi serenas

I only count the cheerful hours


Iam tempus illi fecit aerumnas leves!

Time has already relieved his grief – Seneca

Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (INRI)

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

Ignoramus et ignorabimus

We do not know and we will never know – Emil Heinrich Du Bois-Reymond

Ignorantia iuris nocet

Ignorance is no excuse

Imago est animi vultus

The face is an image of the soul – Cicero

In dubio pro reo

In case of doubt for the defendant

In flagranti

In the act

In magnis et voluisse sat est

With great things it is also enough to have wanted them – Properz

In manu illius plumbium aurum fiebat

In his hand even lead became gold – Petronius

In omnem eventum

For all cases

In principio erat verbum

In the beginning was the Word – John

In sucum et sanguinem

Going into flesh and blood – Cicero

In verba magistri iurare

Swear on the Master’s words – Horace

In vino veritas

In wine lies the truth – Alkaios of Lesbos

In vite vita

There is life in the grapevine

Iniqua numquam regna perpetuo manent

Unjust empires never last forever – Seneca

Istud, quod tu summum putas, gradus est

What you think is the summit is merely a step – Seneca

Ita diis placuit

As the gods pleased! – Luke

Ius summum saepe summa est malitia

The highest right is often the highest malice

Iustitia est constans et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuendi

Justice is the persistent and constant will to give everyone his right – Ulpianus

Iustititia est fundamentum regni

Justice is the foundation of the empire – Emperor Franz I of Austria

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